terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

DNS Cache Poisoning

Website Source: 1 - 2

Keep in mind, it is easy to tell if you are vulnerable. You can perform a simple DNS lookup in order to see if you are vulnerable: dig @dnsserver in txt or go to Dan's site (está off) and run his "Check My DNS" script. The dig command will tell you if your system is "GOOD" or "POOR". Dan's system tells you if you are vulnerable or not.

Comando: [~]# dig +short @ txt

" is GOOD: 26 queries in 1.9 seconds from 26 ports with std dev 3880"

If you don’t get GREAT or GOOD and gets something like POOR, you should immediately stop using it.

If you manage that DNS server, patch it or decommission it!

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