sábado, 8 de novembro de 2008

Tenha mais segurança nas suas conversas

Pidgin-Encryption (Entrar no site)

Features include

> Automatically creates a public/private key pair for you upon loading the plugin
> Automatically transmits your public key to other users.
> Supports 512 - 4096 bit keys.
> Saves keys of known users, and warns you if their public key has changed.
> Embeds all encryption and keys inside HTML, so if the other user doesn't have the plugin, they will get a little message telling them about the plugin, and won't get a screen full of garbage.
> Stores keys in human readable files in your .gaim/.pidgin directory, in case you ever need to copy/edit them by hand. Which you really shouldn't have to do.
> Automatically recognizes if you are chatting with someone who has the plugin- see the Preferences dialog.
> Available for the Windows version of Pidgin.
> Modular and extensible. If you want to define a different type of encryption, you can use this plugin as a wrapper to take care of transporting the encrypted binary over the IM pipe.

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